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Physical Therpy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is treatment provided by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant that helps people improve their movement and physical function, manage pain and other chronic conditions, and recover from and prevent injury and chronic disease.  A physical therapy plan of care may include the use of therapeutic exercise, manual therapies, modalities, and education.



With Nichols PT & Wellness, wellness services primarily focus on physical fitness.  This is more than personal training.  Our wellness services are personal training PLUS the expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Since all clients receive a full physical therapy evaluation to begin, your full medical history and current level of physical ability is fully appreciated in the design of your wellness plan. 


Functional Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling (FDN) is a specialized therapeutic technique that involves the insertion of a fine, sterile needle that penetrates the muscle at the source of the pain, tightness, or dysfunction.  This approach is aimed at relieving pain, reducing muscle tension, improving muscle function, and promoting the restoration of normal movement patterns.

  • FDN targets myofascial trigger points, which are hyperirritable spots in muscles, to address musculoskeletal pain and/or dysfunction. 

  • FDN is accompanied by specific corrective exercises targeting the involved muscles to help restore normal movement patterns and achieve optimal outcomes. 

  • This evidence-based intervention is often employed by qualified physical therapists to enhance mobility, reduce pain, and optimize overall physical performance.



Telehealth is a great option if you need to meet virtually or if you reside outside of our in-person coverage area. For new clients seeking telehealth services the initial session will still include the evaluation, assessment, and education re: your specific situation. It will also include individualized exercise programming through demonstration that is accompanied by a PDF handout with descriptions, sets, reps, etc that will be emailed to you. Follow up telehealth sessions are typically 30 minute sessions but may vary depending upon your individual needs.

  • This is currently an option for individuals who reside in the state of Kansas only. 

  • It can be a very beneficial option for those who reside in rural Kansas who might normally have a lengthy commute to a clinic for in-person care.

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